Diatribe Against Reading


  • Evelia María Botana Montenegro


Nowadays we hear a lot about “Mexican people who don´t even read a book in a year” or “Mexico is not a readers country”, opposing this image of this cultural poverty, or at least the information shortage to the varied and abundant reading performed by the citizens of other countries in the world. However, we should take a look at what do readers read and how much are we missing, watching the number of poor books in most of the shelves in book stores. The information that we have access to through reading has also been manipulated by the powerful in turn, those who are constantly changing the crystal to see reality making it better or worse according to their need or whim, we are never too sure if we are really informed because statistics and bibliographical sources have a big probability of being fake and misleading. To cut a long story short, and by a healthy process of discarding, I´ve reached a conclusion that it´s better to focus this paper in something more precise and I´m not going to make up nonsense.


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